Ana Vidal (Spain, 1984) is a  Summa Cum Laude PhD in Contemporary Literature and a Master Degree in Journalism (Universidad Complutense, Spain- Helsinki University, Finland). She has lived in Murcia, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Helsinki, Edinburgh, Miami, and currently NYC. Her short movie “ Inhabited Landscape¨ about Alzheimer's disease, won first place in the International Film Festival “To be or not to be” (Spain, 2015).  She recently published two bilingual books of poetry called “Notebook of Asia” (Amargord, 2017) and “Dolores-Manhattan“ (La Fea burguesía, 2017), that were both presented at McNally Jackson Bookstore at NYC this year. She is also the author of two novels, “Artic Nights” (Baile del Sol, 2010) and “The Other Life: 18 Stories of Love and Fear” (Traspiés, 2009). She was a Finalist in the Adonais Poetry Award, Booket Young Talents by Planeta Publishing House, “La voz+ Joven” of Obra Social Caja Madrid,  “New voices” by Torremozas and El Fungible (Booket), among others. She writes at the Huffington Post and she works as a Communication Studies Professor at Fordham University and Queens College.  She just launched a Project titled “Life and Death Talks” of short interviews with people from varied backgrounds, ages, and education about their opinions on human existence. 


Michael Urdaneta (USA, 1978) studied film at NYU and has spent his adult life in NYC, writing and directing motion picture for the past two decades and working in commercials. He has worked on projects in Mongolia, India, China, and Thailand. He also collaborates with mixed media theatrical performances with staple NYC performance artists.